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  • How to Find the Fashion You See on TV

    Ever since movies flickered on the screen or on the TV tube, costume design of our favorite stories and characters have influenced our own closets. I remember being transported by Norma Shearer in The Women, Grace Kelly in Rear Window and of course any Audrey Hepburn or Ginger Rogers movie.  TV f... View Post
  • How to Clean Tarnish from Sterling Silver

    If your sterling silver has turned to a darker color, it's very likely that it has experienced some oxidation or tarnishing. This is a totally natural process and can even enhance the look of your silver jewelry. Often if you wear a silver jewelry piece all the time, it will stay shiny along with... View Post
  • About 14k Gold-Filled and Gold Vermeil

    There are many choices of materials to use for jewelry and in jewelry metal work. At Peggy Li Creations I choose my materials for their durability, ease of use, durability and of course beauty!You are probably already familiar with metals like sterling silver or karat gold.  But what about mater... View Post
  • Great Gifts for Grads

    Dads and Grads time of the year means gift-giving time and Peggy Li Creations has some sweet picks that will make any graduate feel special. Here are my top three picks! 1) Nameplate Necklace: personalize this small bar necklace with their graduation date, school name, or simply a message of lo... View Post
  • The Good Witch Engagement Ring

    Looking for the gorgeous engagement ring Cassie wears on The Good Witch? Contact the designer Aimee Kennedy directly for pricing, more information and how to get the ring for yourself: Website: Instagram: aimeek_jeweller Email: When season 4 of The Go... View Post
  • Welcome to the new Peggy Li Creations website!

    Hello! If you are new here, Welcome. And if you're a long-time Peggy Li jewelry customer, welcome BACK. I'm so excited to share with you my all-new website now on a Shopify platform. My previous website was on a Yahoo store platform for many, many years, and I loved it, but it was tim... View Post