About Peggy

Jewelry Designer Peggy Li

Hello! I've been making and designing jewelry for over 17 years. It's a stark contrast to my beginnings as a Chemical Engineering major at UC Berkeley, with parents who hoped I would have a "real job" as a doctor, lawyer or scientist someday. Unfortunately for them, I loved wandering Telegraph Avenue more than the book stacks, checking out all the handmade wares. The artisans on Telegraph inspired me to create my own handmade jewelry (birthstone earrings for family and friends) and the seeds for Peggy Li Creations was born. Designs today are created or handcrafted by me in my San Francisco design studio. 

Jewelry seen on TV 
I'm so grateful to be working with amazing stylists, costume designers and people in film, TV and print. It all began with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and now Peggy Li designer jewelry and handmade jewelry has been seen on TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, Elementary, Hart of Dixie, and in magazines such as Oprah Magazine and Lucky. 

Why Peggy Li Jewelry
Making simple, minimalist, sophisticated jewelry with feminine touches, making designs that help women feel beautiful, makes ME happy. I firmly believe that when women feel beautiful, they feel powerful and have more confidence.

I also believe that everyone has artistic talent and it's about finding just how to express it. I never thought I'd express it through making jewelry! Among other things, I would love to be a screenwriter, entomologist and pastry chef. When not making jewelry, I'll be watching movies, reality TV, trying new foods, playing golf (handicap 21.6), learning new handmade jewelry making techniques and helping other small business owners.

* This website is dedicated to the independent and artistic spirit of my Mom, Linda Li. We share the same birthday and the same love of shiny things.
Mom and me