Silk Wrap Necklaces

Silk Wrap Necklaces
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Silk Wrap Necklaces

Old-fashioned screened copper-plate pendants are wrapped with either a teal Tussah* silk yarn or an ombre hand-painted silk ribbon. Teal choice has tons of great texture, while the ribbon is smooth with shades of purple, red, yellows, greens and just a bit of fringey texture. Pendant is in a magnificent cresent shape approx. 2" wide with a flat back (the yarn or ribbon does not touch your skin). Choose 16" or 18" long gold-filled chain, matte cable for the Teal, flattened cable with sheen for the Ribbon Multi.

*Tussah silk is gathered from the silkworm cocoon after the moth has left it, giving the silk a weightier heft. It is also considered more eco-friendly.